Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Bring on Spring and away with these stupid cough, sneezy, can't send the kid to school bugs.......

And thats all I have to say on that.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I know I know.. must remember to blog.. must remember to blog.
We took a trip on the Saturday to see my dad and decided to take the long way..lol We stopped at our favourite little honey shop which has every flavour of honey imaginable..

But we had a little fun anyway..

and saw this... isn't it beauitful!

Then we went onto Cradle Mountain. I haven't been back here for 14yrs, when Dh and I spent a night at the lodge on our honeymoon and prior to that my last visits was during my teens (when I was somewhat fitter..lol) and I use to hike through snow and rain (usually!) with a group to the mountain the base.

Another rainbow. I saw a rainbow nearly every day last week.. is that a good thing??!

and this sign just cracked me up. From a distance (and if you have bad eyesight.. ahem)It looks like kangaroos tow cars away here.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I seem to be discussing food alot lately in various circles. Having witnessed first hand the way food had an effect on our kids behaviour, we have always been watchful of what we feed our kids. We aren't the no lollies, no chips sort of parents but we try to keep those things in moderation. Lately with all the talk of trans fats I have gone one step further and have started baking more. The surprising thing is how much they are loving the homemade treats over the bought stuff, especially the muesli bars!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

There and back

Oooops getting a bit behind on the blog! I was telling someone that life with five kids is getting easier as they are all getting older (insert sigh of releif here)but it's also getting alot busier!. I am understanding the term "mum's taxi" more and more. I feel like I live in my car somedays. Tuesday is the only day I have that I don't have to be somewhere and none of the kids have to be anywhere either, well other than school but the big kids can get themselves there without my help!

This weekend we are spending hanging out at home. But last Saturday we took a long day trip down the coast and back checking out beaches and camping spots for this summer.

First stop and we found this tree. All those figures are carved wood!

Then on to Little Blue Lake.

It really is that colour. Its an old mining dam and the colour is the result it being made up of white clay, minerals and the reflection from the sky. Nice to look at but not to swim in or drink from.
It also makes a nice backdrop ;)

and then it was on to check out the beaches.

check out cheeky and the tongue..lol

and as the sun set.. we headed home (well actually we headed to the nearest fish and chip shop for tea first!).. but not before one more handstand on the beach..lol