Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Big School

Valentines Day saw the boys start the new school year Ethan beginning full time school! He's now in the main building with all the other big kids and goes 9-3 5 days a week. He's loving and has settled in really well. Emma is also enjoying having the house (and me) all to herself!

Sunday, 17 February 2008


I've been sick.. the crawl out of bed only because you have to type of sick. So after a longer than anticipated break I am back to blog.

These are what have been keeping me quite busy in the past 10 days. I am handrearing four orphaned kittens. Their mother was killed when they were 7 days old and the owners who both work full time could not care for the kittens so I took four fo the six on. They are quite time consuming, feeding every 3 hours during the day. They weren't given the correct milk to start with either which caused them a few problems. They are now getting the right formula and are picking up except the little tabby who isn't feeding well but seems to be quite the fighter so hopefully she will make it.

and this little one we are keeping.. his name is Storm.


It rained the morning we packed up which delayed us about an hour and had us hoping it wasn't going to set in for the weekend.
Highlights of the trip:
~Being able to just sit back and relax and READ! I finished a book I have been trying to get read for some time and regretted not bringing another.
~Jamie and Zack enjoyed snorkeling around the reefs at low tide. Although Jamie did have a little scare when he thought he spotted a stingray and thoughts of Steve Irwins demise flashed through his (its wasn't a stingray, and Jamie is still with us in one peice)
~Ethan loved being able to ride his bike around with the big boys, and I enjoyed being able to let him without having to worry about traffic.
~fishing of the rocks and getting totally soaked by the waves crashing on them.. no really.. it was fun!
~Finally actually catching fish.. yay
~Early morning walks on the beach
~playing cards at night with the boys.. we don't do that enough at home, amazing what you do together when there is no box for everyone to sit in front of.
~Picking blackberries

This is why we got detoured on our last camping trip.. both sides of the road were just blackened.. fierce fire!

Ethan's preferred mode of transport..

Emma's preferred mode of transport :p

Our little patch of beach

Blackberries that were growing by the road, juciy!

From one of my morning walks

The not so highlights -
~B forgetting the tent pegs and making the hour trip to town to buy new ones.
~Jacob getting strep throat, requiring another hour long trip into town to see the doctor.
~Emma crying with reflux numerous times.. we still don't know what caused it.
~Packing up camp in THUDERSTORM and pouring rain and everything get soaked and muddy!
Storm at sea that quickly moved in on us the morning we left

Packing up in the rain.. ugh