Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Just a few pics from a trip to the beach the other weekend. Had a lovely bbq with friends while the kids splashed in the rock pools and swam. Making the most of the last bit of summer!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Doesn't get better than this

This is my fave song atm. I love this band and the words of this song are so true..
All you want is
What you can’t have
And if you just look around man
You see you got magic
So just sit back relax
Enjoy it while you still have it
Don’t look back on life man and only see tragic

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Kittens move out

Well the kittens turned 6 weeks last Saturday. They are all gaining weight nicely, eating independently on their own and using a litter tray. Its been a long 5 weeks since I got them and for a while I wondered why on earth I was putting so much effort into these little things that weren't even mine to begin with but .. its so gratifying to see them now, all playful and lively and healthy.

So now its time for them to leave for new homes. Except our little Storm who we are all looking forward to pampering on his own. He still has a lovely affectionate nature and I know he is going to be very loved along with the rest of out animals. Ernie and Jess (the dogs) follow him around the house and keep a close eye on him.. its all very cute to watch.. especially when Ernie still HATES our other cat!

She is a little spitfire, already trying to jump to higher places, chases everything and likes to play tough..lol

This ones eyes are still not pointing completely forward and I suspect she has a lazy eye that will hopefully correct itself later. She's got a quiet nature .. except for when she is hungry.. then she lets you know about it!

Our little Storm. He is the explorer and you can usually find him under the couch or behind something unless he has crawled up under your chin for little smooches.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

New girls in the coup

Today we obtained four more chickens to add to the four we already have. Dame Edna.. who quite happily ruled the roost and bossed every one around is a bit taken aback by these new intruders to her realm.. One of the new girls is a little on the bossy side and the hen pecking begun moments after the new girls moved in. Power has now been divided.. I am sure they will all get use to each other soon.. and maybe a new queen will reign.. LOL

We have been warned that the white one COULD be a rooster.. so I guess I will wait until I am rudely awakened one morning to see if this is true.

So here they are...

the original girls...


and the new girls... can you guess which ones Emma named ..;)

and divided they stand...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Off to work I go...

Well what a whirlwind couple of weeks its been. After 15 yrs as a SAHM I have now returned to the workforce. Totally unplanned.. the job sort of fell in my lap and then the care arrangements for Emma, just fell into place.. (friend one day, daddy one day and daycare the other day). So, I am now job sharing the canteen manager position as Ethan and Jacobs school. Someone is actually paying me to prepare and serve food.. hmmm.. haven't I been doing that for free for the past 15 yrs?? lol Anyway I am loving it, picking it up relatively quickly and enjoying the whole experience and the responsibility of "moving our canteen in a new and healthier direction".

The kittens will be 6 weeks old tommorrow. They are weaned and all but one will be heading out to new homes next weekend. honestly.. its been like having 4 little babies in the house again!! They are at the cute little playful kitten stage which is fun for the kids.. but I am ready to move them out of home..lol I will try and get some pictures of them this weekend. they are still on teh small side for their age but they seem intent on making that up going by the amount of food they are consuming!

So thats my little update. I am really missing taking pictures atm and need to make an effort to MAKE TIME to do it!