Sunday, 18 May 2008

Had a lovely weekend at our friends house (hey Kimmy *wave* thanks for a great weekend!). The kids were occupied, the food was great, the weatehr stayed nice for us and the scenery was just beautiful.. autumn colours in every direction.. a photographers dream and yet I only took a handful the photos the whole time!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Jamie competed in the South Australian State Championships in Adelaide this past weeked and picked up a bronze medal in the U17 Double Mini as well as qualifying for two events for the Nationals. He won't be attending Nationals this year, instead aiming to qualify in more events next year. He enjoyed his first interstate trip away and came back with a greter confidence in himself. Well done Jamie, we are very proud of you.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Science fun

On Sunday we took four of the kids to the museums new science exhibition "Phenomena Factory". There were lots of fun hands on exhibits and we all had quite a bit of fun.. except for the tunnel that made you feel like you were on a swinging bridge.. that just made me feel

Those are thongs in her hands and you banged them on the pvc pipes. They made surprisingly good sound.

Learning what makes whirpools..

Posing... she's going through another "don't take my picture faze.." sighhh.

These whisper dishes were great. There was one at each end of a large courtyard and you could talk into be one and be clearly heard in the other.

and I have to include this one because I just love the age he is at. All day on Sunday he constantly remined the other kids that is was "mums day" and we have to be good for her and not let her do any work".... awwwww

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I've been thoroughly spoilt for Mothers Day. I got lots of little goodies from the kids.. I love those gifts they pick themselves and make at school... hand the hand drawn cards are the best cards in the world in my opinion. I am a little embarrassed at the amount of chocolate I had bought for me.. I guess they know me well LOL!

DS1, who is in Adelaide atm remembered and sent me a text message bright and early this morning.. and I am in love with my gift from DH.. a pandora bracelet and charm that has "I Love You" on it. I feel blessed to have such a loving family around me.

Mothers Day always holds a little bit of sadness for me as I dont have my mum around me anymore and I always take a quiet moment to remember her and all she mean't to me. Hug your mums and tell them you love them when you get the chance.. even if it isn't Mothers Day.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Ethan started Auskick last Sunday and I took the "little camera" along to grab a few snaps of him in action. He's really enjoying himself. Today was his second week and they played a little mock game. He got to where a little shirt that had a C for centre on it. He was shown were the centre played and there he stayed there.. in one spot... the whole time..ROFL I told him that next week to run around with the other boys that had C a on..LOL

Learning how to kick properly...

..and putting it into action.

Yeah yeah, ok, I get the message.