Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Yesterday, after someone told me it was easy to do, I attempted to make my own Gnocchi. It turned out pretty good I think for a first attempt. A bit messy to make.. well that could be just me, I am not the tidiest of cooks ;) Some pieces were a bit bigger than they probably should have been and were a little doughy in the center but it all still got eaten.

All cooked..

I made our favourite Creamy pesto and spinach gnocchi with them.... yummmm


Bon appetite

IMG_2287b copy

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Mel tagged me in her blog so now I have to tell you 6 unspectacular things about myself.. hmmm.. so...

1. I love chocolate. Good chocolate. When I eat chocolate it makes me feel good, like mentally good... that works for me. (Of course exercising more regularly would probably have the same effect but lets not get picky.)

2. I like gardening. Love seeing flowers bloom, love eating what I grow. I hate wearing gloves when I garden instead preferring the feel of soil in my hands. Of course that is really bad if you are going for that manicured nails look.. probably why my nails don't look great.

3. I keep chickens. I don't just throw them scraps and take their eggs. I actually go out and talk to them... 2 to 3 times a day. Pick them up and pat them. They all have names.

4. I detest driving. Its not something I enjoy and I much prefer being the passenger. Most of the time.. depends who is driving.

5. I like grocery shopping. I don't like coming home and putting it away but I like going to the supermarket, comparing products, browsing the shelves for something new and amazing or tasty.

6. I cant eat m&m's without sorting each handful into coloured groups first. And then I have to eat one colour from each group. I don't consider myself OCD but this is one thing I just have to do.

So to tag 6 others.... Kris, Leonie, Lyn, Nerida, Susan, Jamie

On the way home

we stopped at Zoodoo at Richmond. The kids loved it here where you could touch most of the animals and hop on the "Safari bus" and go on safari and get up close and personal (literally!!) with some camels, ostriches and a water buffalo.

First stop.. the Animal Nursery..
I wanted to take him
Cute wittle lamby

She has such a way with animals. They are really attracted to her and she is so gentle with them. I think she should be a vet when she grows up.



Pony race.. our pony was number 3.. and he won!
And they're off

We'd like to thank the trainers and mum and dad and...

He was VERY interested in my camera
He was VERY Interesting my camera

Albino baby wallaby


These little marmoset monekys were so tiny and adorable. Mum reminded me of a Furby (if you remember the 80's)although she looked kinda She had two little babies that clung to her back the whole time.

Off on safari ..
Big old cuddly pussy cat.... go on.. pat his
Don't you just want to rub his tummy....

The camels were EXTREMELY friendly and just nudged right past you to get something to

I was a bit worried someone was going to lose an eye :S
Just don't poke an eye out..
Water buffalo

Check how tight they are holding those bags. Those ostriches would just take the whole bag and eat it.. paper and all.

Animal nursery

Sunbaking Tassie Devil

It was a great trip and we are looking forward to our next little jaunt away.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Time to update the blog..

My blog has been sadly neglected of late so I thought it was time to do a bit of an update..

At the beginning of the September school holidays we took the kids to Hobart for a few days for a bit of R & R. We stopped at the beautiful historic town of Richmond on the way.

The next day we took a trip waaaay down south to the beautiful Huon Valley area and visited the Tahune Air Walk. Of course.. being Tasmania.. and being a rainforest it.. well it rained. All day. It really didnt take anything away from the beauty of this area though and we plan to revisit this place again during the summer.

I love child friendly tourist centres!

Me and mine

48 metres up... eeeek

and then it was on to Hastings Caves.