Monday, 15 December 2008

There was absolutely NO WAY Emma was going to be in the picture. She would not go near him at all.. happy to watch from a safe

So here is Ethan.. with the Bunnings Santa.. yep no fancy Myer Santa shot for us.

Picture courtesy of my best friend.. the iPhone.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Grade 10

Highschool wasn't very memorable for me. I was shy and just one of those kids that you remember as being there.. but dont really remember them.. if that makes sense! I vaguely remember grade 10 and I know I went to the "Leavers Dinner" and I don't remember it being what a Grade 10 leavers dinner is today! Fancy cars, dressed to the nines, dinner at the casino...the whole works...! Wow! (I dont remember looking that old and sophisticated either!) Kinda makes me glad I am the mother of four boys and a girl and not the other way around ;)!

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Georgina the week before hand on a little location searching shoot and then her and her friend Nick before their big night. Both of them looked gorgeous and I hear had a fab night!